Glo is Offering 36GB free Data to its Subscribers on Va

Glo is Offering 36GB free Data to its Subscribers on Valentine - Get Yours Now


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Glo is Offering 36GB free Data to its Subscribers on Valentine - Get Yours Now

Gloworld has decided to reward its users this valentine season by giving out free data bundles ranging from 3GB to 36GB to enable its subscribers to celebrate the valentine. However, as you know; offers like this don't come on a platter of gold as you'll have to either purchase some of their products or promote some of their services to be eligible. According to Glo, the offer is available to all subscribers who purchases two smartphones from any of the glo outlets countrywide, they also revealed that the promo would be valid from Feb. 8 till Feb. 22, 2021. We expect that our customers will be engaged in a lot of online activities before and around 1, so we decided to make it easier for them to buy devices at affordable prices for themselves and their loved ones," Glo added. Glo also revealed that the offers will range from 3GB - 36GB free data which will be given to the user for the next 6 months, adding that the cost of smartphones purchased by the subscriber will determine the data slabs he will receive. Available phone models for sale include; iPhones, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix, Tecno, Vivo, Imose and Itel. They also gave the assurance on the quality of the products, Globalcom said; "The subscribe is rest assured of the genuineness of the phones which comes with warranties and after-sales support manufacturers. The prices at the Gloworld outlets are the most competitive in the market". That's all. Simply rush to any Glo outlet and grab a new smartphone to be eligible for your own free 36GB data for the next 6months. Kindly drop a comment below and share.
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