Housemaid Caught After Pouring ‘Sniper’ Into Employ

Housemaid Caught After Pouring ‘Sniper’ Into Employer’s Drink


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Housemaid Caught After Pouring ‘Sniper’ Into Employer’s Drink
Housemaid Caught After Pouring ‘Sniper’ Into Employer’s Drink A Nigerian housemaid has been seen in a viral social media video admitting to pouring a poisonous insecticide known as ‘Sniper’ into her employer’s drinking water. The employer, a woman, could be heard interrogating the housemaid in the video posted on Instagram by the Anambra Broadcasting Service. PressExpress Nigeria, PEN could not independently verify where and when the incident took place. In the video, the housemaid admitted that she poisoned the water in her employer’s kitchen as well as the one in her madam’s room. The housemaid said she had vowed to, “kill anybody that says or does something that I don’t like.” The maid did not reveal what her employer did to annoy her, but admitted to stealing the keys to her madam’s room in order to poison her drinking water.

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