How I was seduced by my student in the chemistry lab...

How I was seduced by my student in the chemistry lab...true life story


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How I was seduced by my student in the chemistry lab...true life story

I teach chemistry in one of the public secondary school in Lagos State. Am a 21st century teacher and we taught to be approachable by our students, that is, to be friendly, to enable our students come to us if they need clarification on certain concept or moral advice, as we are also their loco parent to them. This ordeal happened 2years ago, I was newly to a girls only senior secondary school to teach chemistry. My first day in class, I introduced myself to the students, told them, told them to always come to the lab whenever they have chemistry. While teaching, I noticed some of the students wearing heavy makeup, they were ss3 students, most of them are sexually matured, some very busty with lovely curves but I always try not to stare much to avoid been carried away. After my class, the student the story is about, waited to see me for the purpose of this write-up I will call her Amaka. So Amaka waited, she told me , she love the way I teach, that she has always hated chemistry and perform badly in it but after my class, she is beginning to develop interest in it. Amaka asked if she could to meet me in the lab, whenever, she needs clarification on topics she finds confusing. She said she would love to go nursing school after her S.S.C.E and it's important, she has a credit in chemistry, as it is one of the requirements in gaining admission into a nursing school. Immediately I said 'yes' with an assuring smile has she left the lab. Amaka is a very beautiful girl from her looks she might be 16 or 17years old, she is light skin and speaks very good English she is not busty, I can tell cause she was not wearing a bra, I noticed her nipples pointing from her uniform, which is a shirt and a short tight skirt. She is indeed blessed with a lovely shape, her back side is very obvious and I can tell that her body is soft from the way her ass shakes easily as she leave the lab. I could not stop staring until she gets to the doorway when she looked back to catch me staring, that was when I quickly took my eyes away but I noticed she smiled and left. After she left, I resumed to writing my lesson plan in order not to entertain ungodly thoughts. The next day, I had SS3 students 3rd and 4th period, I revised Frictional Force with them and how to reduce friction, including calculations in friction. After the class Amaka brought two calculations on friction, she needed me to solve and explain, while we sat in the lab, she bent on the table, I could see her fresh light skin breast with small brown nipples, I didn't want to be caught staring, so I focused on the question, I only look at the gorgeous twins when am explaining to her. She placed her hand on my as I explain, I was wearing a suit trouser, before I could adjust to move my chair backward my dick has already become hard and it was obvious from the trouser, has it became longer and stretched towards where she placed her hand, she raised her hand up and allows it to stretch under her hand. I became conscious of the environment when an SS1 student walked in to inform me that they have my subject. It was then I stood up to go for my class and told her never to come to the lab again as I adjust my trouser.
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