How to automatically add all contacts in a WhatsApp gro

How to automatically add all contacts in a WhatsApp group to vcf file


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How to automatically add all contacts in a WhatsApp group to vcf file

In this article you will learn how to automatically save all whatsapp contacts from groups into a vcf file with their real name in it. There is a web page named newstractor wassapviews. It enables people to submit their numbers and to download vcf files containing all submitted numbers. You're required to Enter your name, Your number and a password will also be required for you to download the vcf files.' In order to get a vcf file containing the name and contact of everyone in the group you need to tell them all to visit and Submit their numbers there including you. Then, you all should visit the page on daily basis to get vcf files because not everyone will submit their contact at once. If that is achieved, everyone in the group will get each other's contact saved.
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Recent Comments

    Louismorka Louismorka
    Sun 16 May, 2021

    You said if we're not ready to download the file then don't. And also said come everyday for the file. I don't understand. If I register today and come everyday for a month will all those people have my number?

    Joseph Onipede Joseph Onipede
    Sun 16 May, 2021

    Louismorka They will have your number because when they register, they will always download your number among those that are there. Also, if they go everyday the way you go they will also get all new numbers and definitely your number would be among.

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