How to earn up to N2,500 daily on MyMintApp

How to earn up to N2,500 daily on MyMintApp


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How to earn up to N2,500 daily on MyMintApp

In this Post I'm going to teach you how you can earn up to 2,500 Naira everyday on MyMintApp. What Is MyMintApp? MyMintApp is an online banking app that works like every other banking app, you can send money pay bills and do so many other transactions. What makes MyMintApp much like a bank itself is that you will have your personal MintApp account number and can save money and get interest minimum of 5.08% per anum. You can get more interest depending on your saving duration. You can get a virtual ATM card for online spending and a physical one for POS and ATM, spend in multiple currency on the same card - NGN, USD, GBP and more, you can also control your card from the app. Download the app from playstore using the link MyMintApp How to start earning on the app. For you to earn on the app you need to refer people and the people must save at least N250 in the app, you will be rewarded with N500 per refererral. And you know most people won't like to get their money involved in things like this, so in that case you will have to send the money to them from your MintApp Account to their personal MintApp account number so they can have something in their MintApp account to save. Then they will save it before you get your referral bonus of 500 naira on your app. Note that the minimum withdrawal from the app is N2,000 so you will refer up to 5 people before it complete. PROCEDURES Signup. In the process of creating an account it will ask you the question "How did you hear about us?" then, you select "Referred by a friend or family". Then enter my referral Code OLUONIPEDE. As I said earlier before you can get your referral bonus the person must save at least N250, so please find your wallet with money, (you can only fund your wallet with a minimum of N500) save at least N250 in the app. You will get the money back after one month. If you don't have enough money to fund your wallet send a WhatsApp message to +2348105902536 with your personal MintApp account number. I'm going to send N250 naira to your account. So please save it so that I can get N250. The same way you did it for me that's how you will meet your friends and help them do it then you will send the the N250 I set to you then make them save it so you can get N500. Please if you don't understand the Process of how to do it and how to refer people, Send your account number, bank name, phone number, to +2348105902536. I'm going to do it for you and send you the video of how I did it.
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