How to earn using Cryptocurrency clickbot on Telegram w

How to earn using Cryptocurrency clickbot on Telegram without clicking links yourself.


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How to earn using Cryptocurrency clickbot on Telegram without clicking links yourself.

A program has been created in Python programming language to automatically make requests on payed links that are supposed to be clicked manually. We know that Cryptocurrency is a common way of making money if you know how to work with it and Telegram is an important tool that is used for making cryptocurrency from click bots. Therefore will learn how to use this python program to make money automatically without having to click any link manually.
Requirements • Data connection • Install Telegram X from playstore • Install Termux and Termux API from playstore • Cryptocurrency Wallet. An example is Luno wallet which is very good and can be gotten on playstore.
Note: The more your Telegram Account, the more Cryptocurrency you earn. i.e. You'll need more sim cards.
Step 1 (Basic Setup) 1. Make sure you have added all the telegram account you will use in Telegram X.
 List of Accounts on telegram
2. Open your Luno app, Create an account, and also create either a bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash or ethereum wallet and get your wallet address ready for use.
 Create new Wallet
3. Click here to download a zip file of 94.7kb 4. Go to downloads and extract the zip folder named 5. Open the folder bot folder and locate the cfg.json file you will see the structure below. { "walletltc": "xxxxx", "walletdoge": "xxxxx", "walletzec": "xxxxxxx", "walletbch": "xxxxxxx", "walletbtc": "xxxxxxxxx" } These represents the wallet address written as xxxxx but you need to replace them with your actual wallet address depending on the crypto you want to earn. In this article, we will earn Litecoin as a Case Study If you are to earn LTC which is the short form of Litecoin, you should replace the xxx next to walletltc with your litecoin wallet address. It should be like the structure below. { "walletltc": "MVSCEuVwzLVgnd1G5zMybBmJvGSYsihVCD", "walletdoge": "xxxxx", "walletzec": "xxxxxxx", "walletbch": "xxxxxxx", "walletbtc": "xxxxxxxxx" } 6. In the bot folder open the file named list.txt. You will find this structure +62xxxxx +62xxxxx +62xxxxx which represents lists of the phone numbers of all your telegram accounts. Replace the numbers with all your Telegram account phone number including your country code. Like this +2348144754834 +2348048575629 +2347047593720 etc...
Step 2 (Termux Setup) 1. Open termux. 2. Run the command by typing "pkg upgrade && update" then press enter key. It will prompt you to continue by typing either y/n which means yes/no so type y to continue. 3. Run the command "pkg install python" to install python 4. Run "pkg install pip" to install pip 5. Run "pkg install git" to install git 6. Run "pip install telethon" to install telethon 7. Run "pip install --upgrade pip" to upgrade pip 8. Run "pip install colorama" to install colorama 9. Run "pkg install nano" to install nano 10. Run "pkg install php" to install php 11. Run "pip install cbpro" to install cbpro 12. Run "pip install requests" to install requests 13. Run "pip install pyaes" to install pyaes 14. Run "pip install bs4" to install beautiful soup 15. Run "pip install async_generator" 16. Run "pip install rsa" 17. Run "pip install toilet"
Step 3 (Running the Program) Open Termux >> You Move your current working directory to the bot folder. So type "cd /storage/emulated/0/downloads/bot" then press enter in termux. You are now in the bot folder >> Run the command "python" >> It will ask you to input the currency, so type ltc. >> It will also ask for a password once. So type wonderwoman as the password. >> Lastly for each and every sim card it will ask for a pin which it will send to the telegram account associated with the phone number.
 Telegram View
Telegram View of Messages and bots
 Running program on Termux
Running Program on Termux
 Wallet Balance
Wallet Balance
 Success withdraw from telegram view
Success withdraw from telegram view

If you have any question concerning this, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also share this with all your friends and family. Thanks for reading 🙏🙏
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