How to Make Custom Animated Stickers for WhatsApp on An

How to Make Custom Animated Stickers for WhatsApp on Android.


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How to Make Custom Animated Stickers for WhatsApp on Android.

WhatsApp animated stickers have been rolled out for IOS users for almost a month now and up till now, it hasn't been available for android users.
Making an android user unable to make a customized animated sticker except if he's been sent one by an iPhone user which is intimidating at times. Nevertheless, you shouldn't freak as we'll learn how to create animated stickers for WhatsApp on our android phones and also use them in chats just like Facebook messenger.


1. Mod WhatsApp - YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp e.t.c 2. Gif2Sticker App - DOWNLOAD HERE Required GIF to turn to sticker If your file isn't in .gif format yet then you can convert your video to GIF by clicking HERE.


After you've downloaded the above requirements and created a new WhatsApp on the modded WhatsApp with a new number then you can continue with the below steps. The reason for using a modded WhatsApp is because the original WhatsApp version doesn't support animated gif stickers yet so you might encounter errors while trying to add a sticker to Whatsapp sticker pack.
For this reason, you can add to YoWhatsApp and then send from the demo account to your main WhatsApp account for use. That being cleared, let's make our custom animated stickers as soon as possible. 1. Launch the Gif2sticker App and click on a new sticker pack 2. Choose a sticker and publisher name respectively 3. Now, click on the + sign on each box to add a customized gif into them 4. Next, click on "Add to WhatsApp" and Select "YoWhatsApp" 5. You'll get a notification that the sticker has been added to WhatsApp
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