How to run php server on android phone or iphone using

How to run php server on android phone or iphone using termux.


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How to run php server on android phone or iphone using termux.
Requirements 1. Install Termux and Termux api from playstore or app store if iphone. 2. Data connection Steps 1. Open termux. 2. Run the command
"apt upgrade"
"apt update"
. It will prompt you to continue by typing either y/n which means yes/no so type y to continue. 3. Run the command
"apt install git"
. 4. Run the command
"apt install php"
. If php has been installed successfully, type the command
"php -v"
you will see something like PHP 7.4.7 which is the version of php installed. If not, PHP has not been installed successfully. NEXT 5. Move the current working directory in Termux to the root directory. Run
"cd /storage/emulated/0"
if you're using Android phone. Then run
"mkdir htdocs"
. Now you should have htdocs in your root folder. 6. Run this command
"php -S localhost:8000 -t /storage/emulated/0/htdocs/"
. You should see
"PHP 7.4.7 Development Server (localhost:8000) started"
. 7. Create an index.php file in the htdocs folder. 8. Go to your browser and visit localhost:8000. Now your server should be running!

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