How to Set your WhatsApp DP Without Cropping and Losing

How to Set your WhatsApp DP Without Cropping and Losing Quality


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How to Set your WhatsApp DP Without Cropping and Losing Quality

Just took a cool shot and would like to make it your profile picture on WhatsApp without cropping nor losing its quality? then you're on the right page. We'll learn how to set WhatsApp display picture without cropping and still retain its original quality, this same high-quality image can, in turn, be used for your Facebook profile picture and also be updated to your WhatsApp status too. Nevertheless, before now Whatsapp will always ask you to resize your image if it's more than it 640 x 640 display picture size which will in turn still shrink the quality after you set the image to your profile. Most times, we'll like our DP to show our full image instead of cropping out certain parts especially when we want to show off certain items. Most articles you'll find online aren't giving the correct inscription on how to go about these leading to unfruitful downloads and the rest (I was a victim). The only suitable way to get around this is to make use of our easiest trick which we'll discuss below. REQUIREMENTS 1. WhatsApp App 2. Download No Crop for WhatsApp - HERE 3. Your soon-to-be high-quality Profile Picture.
1. Download and launch the No Crop App downloaded from the above link 2. Click on the white space to open/select an image, 3. Select your high-quality image from gallery It should help you resize the image automatically with a nice frame attached. 4. You can now customise the image with the icons below the image. 5. You can also select the format you want your picture to be in. 6. Next, click on "SAVE" to save the edited image to the gallery. 7. Now, launch your WhatsApp > Settings > Tap on display name > Camera Icon > Gallery 8. Then locate the image you just saved from Crop for WhatsApp and you'll see the image appear in full. 9. Click on "DONE" and that's it.
If you've followed the above steps then you should see that your WhatsApp profile picture will still be in its default quality and there won't be a need for cropping it.
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