How to use phone charger to charge your laptop.

How to use phone charger to charge your laptop.


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How to use phone charger to charge your laptop.

There are a number of incorrect answers here, particularly around the power rating. The fact is that with a typical laptop charger only a maximum of around half the power rating is ever used for charging the battery, the rest being used to power the laptop simultaneously under quite a heavy load. In any case there’s really no problem with using a slower battery charge, and in fact this minimises battery heating so it’s better for the battery if you have the time available. Also you don’t necessarily require a USB-C and USB-PD charger to do the job. As a common example, my MacBook Pro will happily accept power from a standard USB-A 5V 2A charge port, and indeed I have used this for real on the road to charge the battery whilst the MacBook is sleeping, using just a standard USB-A to USB-C cable. So this is a 10W non-PD USB-A phone charger being used to charge a laptop that comes with a 60W USB-PD USB-C charger. Obviously your mileage may vary with other laptops depending on their charging design, but the point is that you can only really find out in practice by experimenting. It’s certainly not the case in general that only USB-C chargers with a similar power rating to the laptop’s standard charger will work.

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