How to use WhatsPromo - Step by Step guide

How to use WhatsPromo - Step by Step guide


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How to use WhatsPromo - Step by Step guide

In this post you are going to learn step by step how to use WhatsPromo app. 1. Click Templates
2. Click on Add Template. Then add your message there.
3. Come back to the main page and click on Groups.
4. Click on Add Group.
5. Type the group name you want like I typed phone contact then click save.
6. Click on the group you created like I clicked phone contact.
7. It's empty now to click on Add Contact.
8. This is going to show up. So click on Import Contacts.
9. Wait for it to load, it takes at least 20mins to load. When it loads finish, go back to the main page again.
10. Click on Send Message.
11. Select the group you created by tapping the circled area.
12. The One Shot Range is the limit of Contacts that it can send messages to at once.
13. Click Next.
14. Select the Template you created before.
15. Select the whatsapp you want to use. Either the Normal WhatsApp or Business WhatsApp.
16. Finally, Click on Start.
How to edit the One Shot Range limit.
1. Click More.
2. Scroll down and click Settings.
3. Here the Daily Limit Set is the Total number of messages you can send per day, The One Shot Contact Limit is the total number of Contacts you can send messages to at once, the Send Message Time Gap is the time it take to rest before sending the next message.
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