How to view Facebook pictures on freemode

How to view Facebook pictures on freemode


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How to view Facebook pictures on freemode

In this article we will learn the full steps to be taken to view pictures on Facebook if you're on freemode and without data. What is Facebook free mode? Facbeook free mode is a free basics from Facebook that allows yours to browse for free on Facebook either wit their web browser or Facebook application. You can browse on Facebook for FREE anytime, without data charges when using:  Most Facebook users got full free access to Facebook but with no pictures, when enjoying the Facebook free mode. But some users still complained that it is not working for them. As for my case, I also tried the free facebook but was disappointed not been able to view images. The stpes  below will teach you how to see photos on free mode on Facebook
Step 1: Open the full post of the picture you want to view, tap the three dotted icon on the top right hand corner of the post, tap copy link . Step 2: Open any of your browser, #Note Make sure you're logged out of Facebook on that browser if not type on your url tab then tap enter key in your keyboard. Then, logout from Facebook. Step 3: Paste the copied link on the url tap and click the enter key of your keyboard. Finally you will see the Picture. Similarly it can be done to see every other pictures. Please support us by sharing to your WhatsApp groups and contacts and every others on Facebook 🙏🙏❣️
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