I'm Planning On Arresting More IPOB Members — Uzodinm

I'm Planning On Arresting More IPOB Members — Uzodinma


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I'm Planning On Arresting More IPOB Members — Uzodinma
I'm Planning On Arresting More IPOB Members — Uzodinma The GOVERNOR of Imo state has finally reacted to the Arrest on IPOB members. Speaking to news men in owerri, uzodinma claimed that they disobeyed his orders. According to him; ” I gave an order that IMO state is not part of BIAFRA. I also gave orders that IPOB members must never come near my state but they have the guts to Protest in my village. These fools have the guts to call me supreme Court GOVERNOR. Because of this, any IPOB member I see in my state must be arrested and will stay 6 months in prison before I free them. Imo is my state and as the executive GOVERNOR, I have every right to decide who comes and goes!. He stated. Source: Igbowatch

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