STORY: How University Destroyed My Life - Season 1 - [E

STORY: How University Destroyed My Life - Season 1 - [Episode 1 - 6].


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STORY: How University Destroyed My Life - Season 1 - [Episode 1 - 6].

My name is Amanda, i grew up in a christian home, my parents are both government workers, my father works in an oil company while my mother is a receptionist in a particular company.When i was in secondary school, i happened to be the best student in my class, people liked to do things with me because of my good altitude and am also intelligent. When i was seven years old, then i was still in primary school, i have a very nice voice and i was good in singing, i proposed in my heart to become achristian musician when i grew up.I am the only child of my parents, each time i come back home from school, i do stay lonely, nobody in the house to stay with, we have only one neighbor in our compound, his name is uncle ken, my parents normally come back late at night, they will ask me to stay with uncle ken till any of them arrives home.So each time i come back from school, i will eat my food and go straight to uncle ken’s house. Uncle ken is a teacher in a private secondary school, so he comes back early before any other person. I stay in his house always, he liked me because i have a nice voice and i can sing very well. Uncle ken always ask me to sing for him, and each time am singing for him, he will carry me on his laps and will be touching and romancing my body, i asked him why he always do that and he said because he always enjoy my voice whenever am singing for him.Uncle ken is a generous man, he gives to everybody, he never allowed me to go hungry. One day when i got to uncle ken’s house, he asked me to sing for him, i told him that am not in the mood to sing, he pleaded with me and later gave me money and i started singing for him, he was touching my head and he carried me on his legs too. As a seven years old girl, i have no knowledge of any evil thing, my mind was free but one day, uncle ken asked me to remove my clothes which i refused, he wanted to touch me but i refused, he now told me that if i stop him again from touching me he will order me out of his house. After that day, i wanted to tell my parents of how uncle ken used to touched me buti was afraid to voice it out.
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