What An SSS 3 Student Said To A Female Teacher While Sh

What An SSS 3 Student Said To A Female Teacher While She Was Teaching In The Classroom


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What An SSS 3 Student Said To A Female Teacher While She Was Teaching In The Classroom
The students of the Senior Secondary School 3 (SSS 3), officially referred to as the 'Exit Students' have been approved by the Federal Government is to resume back to school in preparation for their examinations. This was following the directive of the Federal Government in lime with the West African Examination Council, to aid the ease of examination for the exit students during the covid-19 pandemic. However, it is very sickening to notice what some students, who have resumed back to school, are doing during the school hours. It is a question of whether the Pandemic break has affected the students and has impacted them to indulge in some practices they are not allowed to do in school before. An example of such boys is the one who was seen in a viral video which he recorded while he was in the classroom, and daring enough, while the teacher was teaching and giving instructions to the class at the board. But this young student about to write the WAEC examination, disregarded the school rules and recorded a video of himself in the classroom, addressing the female teacher, who is way more older than him, as a 'Fine girl'. According to the video recording, the young SSS 3 student referred to the female teacher as a 'Fine Girl', which is inappropriate considering that she is his teacher and also older than him. This sparked mixed reactions in the female teacher who was frustrated and just hissed and snatched the phone from him out of humiliation. There has been trends that this boy was part of the young boys who have become rich during the pandemic holiday, Benefit boys, and that he was no longer interested in schooling, thereby breaking the school rules to record the video.

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